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Wheel Stoppers

Leading Precast Concrete Wheel Stops Manufacturer

Do you want to keep your parking lot and garage safe? Do your parking structures, signs, or barriers have any damage? Precast concrete wheel stoppers from Beamconcretework can put an end to your woes. Since 1998, we've been committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of customer care and long-lasting, high-quality products. Wheel stops, parking blocks, and precast concrete curbs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to meet the needs of a variety of customers.

Sky Is the Limit

There's no limit to what Beamconcretework can do when it comes to wheel stoppers. In order to keep automobiles and their surroundings safe while parking, our car and truck stops are used all across the country. It's possible to use our variety of parking lot stops and bumpers in driveways, garages, and many other places.

We Make Customized Precast Concrete Wheel Stoppers

It is our goal at Beamconcretework to provide our customers with fast and accurate estimates and high-quality finished concrete products. Our goal is to establish and maintain long-term business ties with our customers by providing them with A-grade precast concrete services and products. We want to be your one-stop shop for precast concrete, and we look forward to meeting and exceeding your expecations.

Our Wheel Stoppers Specification

Our Wheel Stoppers Are Extremely Durable

Our wheel stoppers are extremely long-lasting due to the materials utilized in their construction. Concrete cracks and eventually crumbles as a result of weather extremes. Precipitation corrodes the metal anchors, allowing them to come loose. Garage wheel stops should last several years before needing to be replaced, regardless of the weather. Small cracks or cracked concrete are tell-tale symptoms of premature ageing. Before installing parking stoppers, it is always wise to apply a concrete conditioner to improve their resistance to rain, cold, and heat so they can withstand the elements more effectively. Our precast wheel stoppers will last for many years, not months!

What Makes Us #1 Choice For Wheel Stoppers In UAE

• We use a unique method for settling vibrations.
• Epoxy applications can be done on a smooth surface.
• Reinforcement ties for steel rebar
• Accurately calibrated holes for anchor pins
• Conveniently sized commercial parking lot bumpers
• Truck stops for 18-wheelers in industrial areas.
• 7 days of testing at a minimum PSI 3000 and 28 days of testing at a maximum PSI 4000 for the cylinder

Our Wheel Stoppers Prevent Damage To Your Parking Lot and Garage

Garage wheel stoppers are commonly purchased by businesses with parking lots, including commercial parking lots. In comparison to the expense of repairing a vehicle or property damaged in a parking mishap, our precast concrete wheel stoppers offer excellent value. Our wheel stoppers cost less than any other alternative that could save your parking lot or garage from unnecessary damage. Buying in bulk frequently results in greater discounts.

When You Should Consider Replacing Your Wheel Stoppers In Garage or Parking Lot

In order to keep parking spaces safe, worn-out or damaged garage wheel stoppers must be replaced as soon as possible. If the tapered edges are eroding, the jagged edges can pierce the rubber of the tyre causing damage to the vehicles. Due to the owner's irresponsibility, the garage could be held responsible for any damages to the automobiles. Parking wheel stoppers should always be checked for proper operation intermittently.

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