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About Beam Precast

About Beam Precast

An experienced, Reliable and Bespoke Precast Concrete Industry.

We, at Beam Concrete Works desired customers to associate precast with ease and efficiency when they think of us. It saves time and money by having our items deliver at the site ready to be installed. Precast is also simpler to maintain after installation.

Beam Concrete Work offers precast concrete products in both standard and bespoke shapes. Based in the UAE, our environmentally controlled production unit is capable of customized structure that can be shipped. As a company with a wealth of knowledge in the industry, we’ve served clients in a assortment of sectors, industrial, residential and urban areas.

Cost-Effective and Timely Installations

•  Cost predictability and quality control make it easier.

•  Repeated use of our molds ensures consistent quality and cost-effectiveness.

•  With Beamconcretework, you can rest assured that your concrete products will be designed, manufactured, and installed in a timely manner. Each and every one of our goods is created in accordance with UAE standards.

Dense and High-Temperature and Impact Resistant

•  Our precast concrete is extremely dense, making it a superb sound barrier (especially appreciated in residential buildings). It’s also extremely impact-resistant. At high temperatures, our precast will not burn or melt.

•  Designers can take advantage of the natural cooling and heating qualities of precast concrete by using its thermal mass. Beamconceretework precast concrete is long-lasting and resistant to weathering. There are no pests, rodents, fungus, mildew assaults, fungus or chemical attacks on it.

Unmatched Durability and Strength

Unlike traditional wet concrete, our pre-cast concrete is always correctly mixed and provides exceptional strength and durability. This makes sure that there will be no delays caused by this quality control.

It Can Be Recycled or Repurposed

It can be recycled in its whole!—At the end of their useful life, all of our precast units can be repurposed.

GCC countries

Based in the UAE, with supplies across GCC countries

We are based in the UAE, but we regularly supply precast concrete products to other Gulf countries. Whether you are in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, or Qatar, we will always welcome you to work with us. With a business outreach to the entire region, we ensure you always get the products on time and in a hassle-free manner.

No Site Disruption With Our Precast Concrete

Precast construction is always quicker and our team of experts ensures that there is NO SITE DISRUPTION.

1- Our precast concrete is always manufactured away from the site.

2- Reduced amount of work done on-site.

Because the construction of precast concrete is so quick, you don’t have to pause or halt any of your work operations to let us do our job!

Faster Turnaround and Installation Time: It’s About Hours Not Days!

1- Precast concrete can be installed faster and more efficiently than cast-in-place concrete because
it doesn’t need to be mixed and poured by hand.

2- Installation takes only a few hours instead of days because the product is already pre-assembled
when it is delivered.

3- The structural strength of precast concrete products is built up and strengthened to cut down on the need for backfill