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Steel Barricades

Leading Manufacturer of Steel Barricades

Beamconcretework is the leading steel barricade manufacturer in the UAE with supplies across the region. Crowd control barriers assist in clearly marking walkways and directing pedestrians safely through. These fixed leg barriers do not require any further attachments and are capable of coping with rough terrain. Our crowd barrier is galvanized to prevent rust but can be powder coated if necessary.

Crowd control barriers known as police barriers are frequently utilized in a variety of public activities. They are frequently seen at sporting events, parades, political rallies, protests, and outdoor festivals. Crowd control barriers are used by event organizers, venue managers, and security professionals as part of their crowd management preparations.

The crowd control barrier serves a physiological and psychological purpose by separating “no entry” areas from authorized queuing areas. The guardrail is most efficiently controlled by crowds when “eye” interlocks are affixed to the edge of each steel barrier. By interlocking pedestrian barriers, security personnel can create impenetrable barriers. This is because interlocking the barriers makes them stronger and more stable to being overturned.

We Manufacture Sturdy Steel Barricades

Our crowd control barrier is extremely sturdy because it is constructed entirely of a single tube, with only one joint. Due to the thicker steel (1.2mm) used, their human wall legs are also stronger than average human wall legs, which means they can withstand the weight of the individuals standing on them without the requirement of additional support rods. This results in a longer period of crowd barriers, which makes it ideal for employment or repeated use, as well as saving you money. When combined with excellent tag pricing, you’re getting a great value.

We favor this stronger barrier because crowd barriers are frequently damaged by site machinery or by the general public. By selecting the appropriate obstacle and employing thicker steel, you can significantly extend the life of your crowd barrier.

Our research has discovered that these crowd control barriers are extremely popular with event organizers and we provide them for activities ranging from music festivals to agricultural demonstrations. The reusability of these obstacles has also made them a favorite of construction companies and home developers, who utilize them to more effectively control site activity and to safeguard the safety of civilians and laborers on-site and nearby. These pedestrian barriers are also quite popular in nightclubs and other high-traffic areas, where they assist in organizing and controlling entry.

The four feet that secure the leg crowd control barrier are welded to the crowd barrier’s octagonal frame, which makes stacking and maximizing garage space simple. Additionally, the legs with a fixed leg crowd obstacle feature dome end to eliminate any sharp edges that could injure people. If you’re looking for a detachable leg, and the most likely candidate is someone you care about who’s looking for a pedestrian barrier to store or move them to lie down, you should check out the improvements to the loose leg crowd barrier, which you can also purchase directly from beamconcretework. All our steel barricade barriers are made-to-order.


Multi-Colored Pedestrian Barriers

We offer both painted and powder-coated barriers. Among the most popular colors we provide are the following:

•   Barriers to Crowd Control in Orange
•   Crowd control barrier in red
•   Barrier to crowd control in white
•   Barricade for gang control
•   Barrier to crowd control in yellow
•   Barrier to crowd control in blue
•   Crowd control barrier made of green material
•   Barrier to crowd control in pink

Whether you require galvanized, painted, or powder coated crowd barriers, we have you covered. Simply tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the rest. To coordinate with all of our crowd control barriers, we provide a range of cross-trip crowd barriers, also known as ring barriers, that give a cost-effective crowd control solution.

The simplest and least expensive method of pedestrian entrance marking is to employ a basic pedestrian barrier. These indicated crossings at your pedestrian barrier line are conventional powder painted red.

Advanced walkthrough crowd barriers

Advanced walkthrough crowd barriers use bottom bars to increase their durability and spring-loaded doors to help restrict pedestrian access and movement via temporary fence barriers

What constitutes an effective pedestrian safety barrier?

Pedestrian safety guardrails are frequently used to enhance construction site safety and effectively control the active population. What constitutes a “good” pedestrian safety barrier varies according to the application; however there are some universally applicable viewpoints.

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