Precast Concrete Street Light Footings

Leading Manufacturer of Precast Concrete Street Light Footings

Beamconcretework is the leading precast concrete street light footings manufacturer in the UAE with supplies across the region. We manufacture customized and designed street light footings to your liking.

Features of Our Precast circular & square Concrete Street Light Footings

  • With a few exceptions, the majority of these may be installed within 15 minutes.
  • Pre-pour inspections are no longer conducted on-site.
  • Installation is easier and you have greater control over your timetable.
  • Consistent bolt patterns and specific conduit positioning ensure a smooth cast finish.
  • The diameter and height of our precast concrete light pole bases range from 12 inches to 144 inches.
  • We deliver for free to construction sites across UAE.
  • For an extra cost, we can use our crane trucks to help you lay the foundations.

Foundations Built To Your Exact Specs

Our precast concrete light pole foundations arrive on your job site ready to exceed not only your expectations but also your requirements. It's no problem for Beamconcretework, which is made under strict conditions, to provide bespoke diameters, bolt patterns, and conduit locations. Where can I find connectors? There's no need to worry about it either.

Beamconcretework Manufactures Various Sizes and Deliver within Agreed Timeline

Round, square, tapered, or pyramid-shaped precast light pole bases are all available from Beamconcretework. A precast concrete light pole base, whether round or square, can be manufactured in any height and in most standard sizes. Because our light pole bases are custom-made to order, we are usually able to fulfill any project deadline.

As a result of Beamconcretework’s extensive inventory, you may get up and running in only a few hours of placing your order if your schedule demands it. Let us quote your next project if you're a contractor who still pours these materials in place.

Light pole bases made of precast concrete are ready to be installed in any condition. With precast concrete light pole bases, there are no structural or cosmetic difficulties, as well as no need to worry about the right alignment of anchor bolts or conduit orientation.

FAQs About Precast Concrete Street Light Footings

Concrete light pole bases are available from Beamconcretework. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us at +971557830774 or send us an email at our contact page.

Because all of our products are pre-poured, there is no need to find light pole base forms with Beamconcretework.

The light pole bases of Beamconcretework are shipped across the United Arab Emirates. Get in touch with us at +971557830774 to see if we can help.

Beamconcretework manufactures and ships precast concrete light pole bases across the country.

Concrete light pole bases pre-poured by Beamconcretework save time and money during installation. Call us at +971557830774 and we'll help you figure out what you're looking for.

A concrete light pole base is available for purchase and delivery from Beamconcretework in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Sizes range from 12 inches to 108 inches for our precast concrete light pole bases.

The base of a light pole is the same as the base of a light post. If you need one or the other for your designs, we've got you covered.

The base of a light pole can be as deep as ten feet.. The most common depths range from 6' to 8'. Depending on the needs of the end-user, concrete light pole bases can vary greatly in depth.

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