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Concrete Coping Stones


Concrete Coping Stones

Leading Manufacturer of Concrete Coping Stones

Based in UAE, Beamconcretework is a renowned precast concrete coping stone company. Protect brickwork from water damage by using capping stones (also known as Coping Stones) to finish the wall. Our wide selection of coping stones comes in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can match or contrast your brickwork and pavement exactly. Our professional joiners will work to your exact specifications to make your unique product, which can be made from cast stone or concrete.

Top Quality Concrete Coping Stones

We provide a wide variety of coping stone styles to suit any type of construction project. When combined with our selection of cast stone pier tops, they provide a magnificent effect. Plain-ended coping stones are common, but we may also produce them with terminal, corner, horizontal or vertical curve ends.

Outstanding and Unmatched Customer Service

We take pride in our superior customer service. We work relentlessly from the minute an order is submitted to assure the creation of a high-quality product bearing the Beamconcretework seal of approval. And once a product is ready, our trusted delivery fleet takes the utmost care to ensure it arrives quickly and securely at its destination.


Our Coping Stones Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Our copings have been designed to coordinate with a variety of our other architectural components, most notably our pier caps, ball finials, and decorative finials.

All of our copings are handcrafted in our own factory and are of the finest quality thanks to the expertise of our highly experienced crew. Our copings are available in a variety of conventional colors to meet the needs of the majority of projects. Additionally, we provide a bespoke color and material matching service. On request, bespoke stonework designs and sizes are also available.

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs Specific Needs

Whether you’re working on a private domestic or large commercial project, or simply have an interest in home and garden products, our pleasant and knowledgeable team would be delighted to discuss your requirements.


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