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Free Standing Concrete Barriers or Freestanding Road Barriers these barriers have an extra thick base which slims as you reach the top. It is usually for stability purposes.

The concrete barriers we design will serve you for a long time with minimal maintenance needed. They are ideal when you just want a barrier to be there and don’t expect it to bear any pressure.

Wheel Stoppers

Beam Concrete Works produces some of the most effective concrete wheel stoppers in UAE.

WHEEL STOPPER also known as precast concrete parking curbs, wheel stoppers are used to keep vehicles within specified parking areas and protect surrounding property. Ideal for use in indoor or outdoor car parks, multi-storey car parks and home garages.

Concrete wheel stoppers are a precast concrete block constructed to act as a wheel bump stop. Beam Concrete Works supply different types of precast concrete wheel stoppers for varying purposes.

Precast Beam Lintel

Precast concrete lintels are an excellent solution in providing economical and robust masonry support over door and window openings. They can accept a wide range of surface finishes without special preparation and come in a variety of sizes and loadings.

With stock available in a variety of sizes, we can cater for all your building requirements at short notice.

Concrete Road Barriers

Concrete barriers are a fast and effective way to manage traffic, preventing unauthorized access to your site and securing empty or unmonitored premises from trespassers, fly tippers, vandals and traveler invasions.

Cast from high strength concrete each of our Road Barriers blocks prevents unwarranted entry whilst their unique design ensures minimal vehicle damage in the case of accidental head-on collisions.

Concrete Barriers Purchase Or Rent

We specialize in the manufacture, supply, delivery and installation of a wide range of high quality precast concrete Whether you need a temporary or permanent solution while arranging long-term measures,barriers to.

we can provide the concrete security blocks and Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss your specific requirements, or email for a free quote.

Temporary Concrete Barriers

Temporary concrete barriers, also known as portable concrete barriers, are very useful.

We design and deliver temporary concrete barriers promptly to ensure that the client can use them as soon as possible. The quality will always be better than your expectations.

F-Type Concrete Barriers

These are new generation barriers that help limit vehicle damage. The lower sloped face would redirect the vehicles in low impact conditions.

It will also reduce the lift that occurs during moderate to severe impacts. It also helps prevent rollover of small vehicles. They are better than jersey barriers.

Double Side Concrete Barriers

The double-sided concrete barriers we provide would ensure safe vehicular movement or racing on both the sides of the barrier.

We have a lot of experience in providing these barriers for racing events.

Single Side Concrete Barriers

These barriers are very popular for use in building safety, construction and vehicular movements.

The single side concrete barriers we provide would be ideal for temporary or permanent applications. Just tell us your needs precisely and expect a barrier that works flawlessly.

Solar Panel Ballast Blocks

Beam Concrete manufactures all types of precast concrete solar ballast footings used to securely mount and position solar panels. Our reinforced concrete blocks are the perfect solution, providing ballast to support these solar panels above ground.

Our footings are available in a wide range of sizes, weights and mixes. We have readymade blocks with inbuilt bolts for foundation of solar structure.High compressive strength and density combined with low absorption are important to the long-term durability of the concrete. Lower-quality concrete can deteriorate in under a decade due to the aggressive environment that the roofs and the ballasts create.

All our ballast footings are designed to be placed right on top of the ground so there is no need for ground penetration alternatives that are more costly and time-consuming..

Interlocking Concrete Barrier

Lockable concrete Barriers. BEAM manufacturers interlocking concrete barriers

Street Light Footings

Precast concrete lighting footings are used to support street light poles. These precast concrete lighting footings are a cost-effective alternative to poured-in-place footings.

Our footings are available in a wide range of sizes, weights and mixes.

High compressive strength and density combined with low absorption are important to the long-term durability of the concrete. Lower-quality concrete can deteriorate in under a decade due to the aggressive environment that the roofs and the ballasts create.

Pole Protection Barriers

Single faced pole protection barrier Allow fast easy removal, replacement of barrier without damage to the pole. The formation of these concrete barriers reduced the damage to the pole during impact.

The shape was achieved by determining the optimum slope angle which minimized the chance of the vehicle tires riding up the concrete barrier upon impact.

Slabs & Trench Covers

A fundamental component of your structure, precast slabs constitute formwork and ensure the strength of your building’s, tanks roof. They must therefore be ready to adapt to all architectural demands.

That’s why we designed the precast slab as a model of innovation and cutting-edge engineering: available in a range of thicknesses and configurable to all construction formats, BEAM CONCRETE WORKS made-to-measure prefabricated precast slabs in reinforced concrete offer unique advantages compared to a classic precast slab in prestressed concrete.

Concrete Trench Drain

Trench Drains/Utility Ducts are precast concrete trench structures, engineered for a wide variety of applications, from cableways to fluid conveyance drainage. These structures come a wide variety of sizes and can handle many modifications to suit the project requirements.

These connectable pieces are also available with a wide variety of tops and that can be reinforced for your specific needs.

Steel Barricades

Crowd control barricades, which clearly establish line space, or block off restricted areas, are ideal for events at which larger crowds gather. They act as portable railings to direct visitors, and serve as a physical and psychological barrier that deters crowds from entering restricted areas. Hot dip galvanization and painted red and white ensures that barriers will remain rust-free in outdoor settings.

We hand pick these crowd and traffic control barricades to give you the best options for crowd control and traffic barricade systems. These metal barricade products are made of galvanized steel for extra corrosion protection and durability and red and white painted. These are the same products chosen by police departments, municipalities and facilities all over the world and we provide them always at the best possible prices.

Concrete Coping Stones

Coping is a covering of stone, concrete, brick or placed on exposed top of a wall, to prevent seepage of water.

Coping stones are used to cap free standing walls. They protect the wall from weather damage as well as giving an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Caps and coping primarily act as protection against the damaging effects of constant exposure to the sun and rain.

Cable & Route Markers

Beam Concrete manufactures all types of precast Concrete Cable Route Markers used to aid in the location and identification of electric cables and other utility services that are buried.

They can also be used to mark boundaries and other reference points.

Underground Cable Route Marker Owing to our years of industry experience and precise knowledge of this domain, we are offering an outstanding assortment of RCC Cable Route.

Why Choose Us as Your Preferred Concrete Road Barrier Supplier in UAE

Quality and Price You can choose us when you need a Concrete Road Barrier Supplier in UAE because we offer the best quality at the right prices. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, and hence we ensure you get maximum value for money.

Quick Deliveries As we have been operating as Road Barrier Manufacturer UAE for a while now, you can be sure that we will work on your project ASAP and ensure quicker deliveries.

Meeting Every Need No matter whether you need concrete barriers for traffic management or flood defense or site security or even perimeter protection, you can count on us as a reliable one among road barriers manufacturers UAE. We design and deliver products that meet your specific needs.

We design and deliver products that meet your specific needs.